Massive Splash

MS 003SM

Massive Splash™

The latest innovation from Water Odyssey, Massive Splash is a versatile solution to creating a big splash in your park. This spray feature is designed to be modular and scalable, meaning that it can be offered in different configurations depending on budgets and size of the wet play area. Configurations include a single-bucket unit for a directional splash, to a four-bucket unit that offers 360° of random splash. Multiple splash effects create anticipation and reduce wait time between splashes. This promotes active play and exercise by encouraging people of all abilities to interact with the water and move from splash to splash.

How it can benefit your next aquatic play destination:

- Serves as a kinetic centerpiece for your park with constant motion from the dumping buckets

- Can be reconfigured in different arrangements to meet the size of your pad and budget

- Four different splash effects reduces wait time

- Promotes children to move by anticipating and chasing the splashes, thus fighting childhood obesity and diabetes

- Patent pending design deters the ability for children to throw rocks and other objects into the buckets that would typically cause maintenance issues and eliminates the ability for birds to use the buckets as birdbaths

- Additional water spray activities from the uprights will create a gathering place with constant cooling


ma configurations

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