Flush Mount

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Also known as In-Ground components, these features are built to be interchangeable with wide variety of spray effects to choose from. Some components have water conserving options. All Flush Mount components are available with standard Water Odyssey™ colors or with free theme painting.

  • UnderwaterBubbler GroundSpray

    Underwater Bubbler

    Intended to be below a shallow water surface, this play component features a vertical aerated plume effect.

  • water fence 2

    Water Fence

    Water Fence™ and the DSC Dynamic Sequencing Controller provide the tools to create a wide variety of sequenced play designs. You can create your own design (we’re happy to help). With the DSC, water gates can rise and fall creating a maze, water streams can chase, and interactive games can be made.

  • watercage 2

    Water Cage™

  • over n under 2

    Over N' Under™

  • cloud 9 2

    Cloud 9™

  • water crown 3

    Water Crown™

    A full crystalline water “Morning Glory” offers a variety of interactive play experiences for children of most ages.

  • water lava 2

    Water Lava™

    The singular Water Lava™ creates a pulsing aerated mound of white water on a wet deck.

  • water fan 2

    Water Fan™

    The Water Odyssey™ exclusive Water Fan™ creates a unique water effect in the shape of a peacock’s tail It is best suited to recirculation systems.

  • water round conserving 2

    Water Round™

    The popular Water Round™ creates a circle of arching streams of water. Children love to stand at the center.

  • water wave 2

    Water Wave

  • water weave 2

    Water Weave™

  • daddy longlegs 2

    Daddy Long Legs™

  • geyserino 2


  • bubbler 2


  • jet way 2

    Jet Way™

  • splash o lator 2


  • water flower 2

    Water Flower™

  • anywayspray 2


    The versatile Anywayspray™ features 30º vertical adjustability on a 360º axis which allows full directional adjustability in the field.

  • baby long legs 2

    Baby Long Legs™

    The Baby Long Legs™ effect is created by outward arching streams of water.

  • aqua arch 2

    Aqua Arch™

  • dandelion dome 2

    Dandelion Dome™

    The Dandelion Dome™ creates a fine spray effect that fills a 6 foot diameter circle.

  • water sprout 2

    Water Sprout™

    This small cluster of arching streams of water is perfect for the younger set.

  • popp dropp 2

    Popp Dropp™

    The Popp Dropp™ creates a short spurt of water that is particularly intriguing to toddlers. The DSC Controller controls the length or the stream.

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