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Forms & Shapes are our most popular products. They can be easily theme painted to draw the attention to youngsters.

  • MH fountain wide  s  croppedZE

    Mission Hill Mister™

    The shortest of the three, the Mission Hill Mister is a contemporary cooling station with gentle misters. Combine with Mission Hill Showers and Spills for the perfect balance between form and function.

  • MG 6280

    Mission Hill Shower™

    The Mission Hill Shower (shown in yellow) offers a contemporary aesthetic with a gushing spray effect. Combine with the Mission Hill Spills and Misters for the perfect balance between form and function.

  • MG 6274

    Mission Hill Spill™

    The Mission Hill Spill offers a contemporary aesthetic with a dense shower of multiple streams. Combine with the Mission Hill Showers and Misters for the perfect balance between form and function.

  • turnaround TWO

    Turn-A-Round 2

    A play off of the successful Turn-A-Round™ toy for older kids. The top rotates to direct the arching streams of water.

  • underbrella


    Water rolls over the top of the dome of the Under-Brella™ creating a playful circular waterfall. FRP dome is standard.

  • fountainonastick

    Fountain On A Stick™

    Fountain On A Stick™ is a unique aquatic play component that gives you the ability to change the water effect periodically.

  • splash tower

    Splash Tower™

    The Splash Tower™, our largest standard “dump bucket” component has an 8 GPD (gallons per dump) rating. Available with five arms, only.

  • big buckets

    Big Buckets™

    Big Buckets™ is a medium size component that is available with five or three arms – add suffix -3 to catalog number for three arm Big Buckets™. Each bucket has a 3.5 GPD (gallons per dump) rating.

  • fillnspill

    Fill N' Spill™

    The Fill N’ Spill™ is a classic “dump bucket” component with a 2.3 GPD (gallons per dump) rating per bucket. Available with five or three arms – add suffix -3 to catalog number for three arm Fill N’ Spill™.

  • spinnspill

    Spin N' Spill™

    The Spin & Spill™ is an exceptional Water Odyssey™ interactive play innovation. By moving the side handles, children maneuver and align the buckets to a fill position to control their dumping rate. This unit has a 3.5 GPD (gallons per dump) rating.

  • spray bubbles

    Spray Bubbles™

    The colorful Spray Bubbles™ spheres create a delightful shower effect. Arms may be mounted with spheres up or down.

  • three wheeler

    Three Wheeler™

    The Three Wheeler™ features three water wheels. The optional hand wheel allows children to control the rate of flow and therefore the speed at which the wheels turn.

  • triple drop

    Triple Drop™

    The Triple Drop™ combines three contrasting effects for a truly refreshing play experience.

  • threearm bandit

    Three Arm Bandit™

    The Three Arm Bandit™ features three distinctive interactive spray effects.

  • silly shower

    Silly Shower™

    The Silly Shower™ uses three morning glory nozzles to provide a decorative, cooling spray.

  • spill mix

    Spill Mix™

    The Spill Mix™ provides a trio of different spay effects for interactive aquatic play fun.

  • water brella


    Water deflects from the underside of the Water-Brella™ dome creating a showery effect.

  • filler dump

    Filler Dump™

    The Filler Dump™ offers a simple pipe dump effect.

  • water maypole

    Water Maypole™

    Children turn the handles of the unique Water Maypole™ to cause the ribbons of water to swing and sway about the pole.

  • just a wheel


    As little as 5 GPM will drive the Just-A-Wheel™ water wheel.

  • justabucket


    Simplicity itself, Just-A-Bucket™ has a single bucket with a 3.5 GPD (gallons per dump) rating.

  • water whoopee

    Water Whoopee™

    The classic Water Whoopee™ throws out a clear sheet of water that looks much like a morning glory.

  • cool stick

    Cool Stick™

    The Cool Stick™ is a simple “cooler” for a hot day.

  • curvycool

    Curvy Cool™

    The Curvy Cool™ is a cooling tower of misters with a triple bend.

  • waterworm

    Water Worm™

  • Sun Shower

    Sun Shower™

  • crystal dome

    Crystal Dome™

    The Crystal Dome™ is a true water umbrella. Use in place of the traditional umbrella for a more enjoyable interactive water experience.

  • stepnwhoosh

    Step N' Whoosh™

  • Water Ball

    Water Ball™

    Children can cause the ball to rise and fall by using the optional hand wheel or activator button.

  • shimmer sheet

    Shimmer Sheet™

    The Shimmer Sheet™ discharges a clear sheet waterfall.

  • turnaround


    Younger children turn the top ball of the Turn-A-Round™ to direct the gentle arching streams of water.

  • water rings

    Water Rings™

    Water Rings™ create screens of water through which children can maneuver. Rings can be individually piped or piped as a single unit. Four coils are standard. Order as many or as few as needed for your design.

  • water rail

    Water Rail™

    The Water Rail™ sprays multiple solid streams of water.

  • water wickets

    Water Wickets™

    The Water Wickets™ array is the color of a rainbow and its misting jets frequently create a real rainbow. Four arches are standard – order as many, or few, as needed for your design.

  • weeping water

    Weeping Water

  • Spray Way

    Spray Way™

    The Spray Way™ arch creates a cooling cloud of mist.

  • water way

    Water Way™

    The Water Way™ arch produces a soft “rain curtain” effect.

  • watercoils

    Water Coils™

  • pushme pullyou


    Children manipulate the handles on each end of the Push-Me-Pull-You™ to move the sprays from one end to the other. Push-Me-Pull-You™ is another interactive aquatic play innovation by Water Odyssey™.

  • rollarail


    Turn the Roll-A-Rail™ clockwise or counterclockwise to direct the stream of water in a full circle for a truly unique interactive play experience.

  • water web

    Water Web

  • mushroom maze

    Mushroom Maze

    The Mushroom Maze™ emits a crystal clear sheet of water. Add an activator button to the top for enhanced interactivity.

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