Interaction Devices

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From wireless activation to hand wheels and bollards, Water Odyssey knows how get kids excited about interactive play.

  • buddy bovine

    Sound and Activator Module

    Themed play components come to life with Water Odyssey™ interactive sound systems. Many play components such as the Water Snake™, Sea Dragon™ , and Buddy Bovine™ can incorporate their own sound systems.

  • sound stick

    Sound Stick™

    The Sound Stick™ is used to both activate play components and to provide sound. All Sound Sticks™ are available with custom themes created by our in-house artists.

  • coin activator

    Coin Activator

    Just like the coin operators on your lighted tennis courts the Coin Activator can help pay for operating costs. This unit is available with coin operation for tokens and most international coins. (Hard wired only).

  • motion pole

    Motion Pole™

    This unique activator incorporates motion detectors to sense the presence of children and to initiate the Play Scenario™ of the aquatic playground. Units are available with up to three sensors. Low voltage. (Hard wired only).

  • Crossed handwheel

    Hand Wheels

    You can enhance your aquatic playground design with a themed hand wheel. These units are of all stainless steel construction. For other designs, contact you local Water Odyssey™ representative.

  • roto flow bollard

    Roto Flow Bollard™

    The Roto Flow Bollard™ is a remotely mounted unit that allows children to operate an aquatic play component from a distance. Unit will handle up to 30 GPM.

  • launch pad

    Launch Pad™

    The low profile of the Launch Pad™ makes it unique in the industry. May be deck or wall mounted.

  • touch n go

    Touch & Go™

    The Touch & Go™ activation bollard is durable, reliable, and available in all standard colors.

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