Standard Projects

Here are projects that comprise of standard Water Odyssey & Fun Forms products. Some projects incorporate highly themed standard components appeal to youngsters. Click through this gallery to get ideas for your next project.

Jurong Bird Park Birdz of Play Spray Park

Birdz of Play, Jurong Bird Park’s latest attraction of wet and dry playgrounds is finally open to the public. The 9,700 sq m “Birdz of Play” playground consists of wet and dry zones for toddlers as well as older children. Fun Forms™ are mixed with other Water Odyssey™ spray features giving the park a unique look with vibrant colors and lots of different spray effects that kids love.

Sawmill Park MG 5113

The second-oldest park in the Woodlands area of Houston reopened in July of 2012 after receiving an extensive makeover. Along with extending the pool and adding several new sports courts, a splash pad was put in place to revitalize a fading park.

McElroy Park MG 5515

The McElroy Splash Park has seen an overwhelming response from the community in Baytown. It has been in constant use since its grand opening in March of 2012 and has been the host of countless birthday, sport team, and neighborhood parties. The splash pad was part of a total renovation of the park which included new shaded sports courts and landscaping. Baytown’s park system has received such enthusiasm towards the McElroy Splash Park that they plan to construct two additional small splash decks and one larger park within the next five years.

Houston Zoo MG 5391

In the spring of 2012 the zoo replaced their old splash park with a new, and much larger one. Sprawling over 13,500 square feet and toting 37 different water play features, the Houston Zoo aimed to provide a fun, unique, and inspirational water play experience for all.

Queen Elizabeth Pool MG 2405 copy

This site is historical in Edmonton and a destination point for most visitors so the exposure has been incredible. Our ability to customize and theme our play events is clearly displayed and a true testament to our creativity. I have toured several groups through this park as a vision of possibilities and secured several projects from those tours. Kinsmen park is connected to an outdoor pool, ties into the pool recirc system to ensure water conservation and safe play. The splash park is adjacent to a rec centre that is located in the cities river valley, making this site a family destination. You get a clear vision from the high level bridge in Edmonton as you cross the river, its really amazing! Queen E park has been a part of Edmonton’s summers for as long as I can remember and to share our “fun” with Edmonton’s citizens and visitors is a true honor. I must say that the custom toys in this splash park are a great display of the outstanding team that it takes to make these parks a reality!

Birchwood Pool Palatine Aquatic Center 020

Close collaboration with Tom LaLonde of William Architects enabled the perfect placement of the aquatic play features in this Palatine, Illinois splash park.

Black and Gold Park bg1

A severe storm ran through Glenpool in 2010 and caused heavy damage to Black and Gold park. This splash pad was added as part of the rebuilding process and the park has had an enormous impact families within the community ever since.

Chanute Aquatic Center chanute4

This waterpark, inspired by Chanute’s Air Museum, has many Fun Forms™ toys to fit the aviation theme. From Aqua Spouts™ to Aqua Slides™, this park is full of fun features that keep families coming back again and again.

Indiana Beach INDIANAbeach9

Water Odyssey™ products were an extremely popular add on to an already flourishing amusement park here in Monticello, Indiana.

Kiwanis Spray Park kiwanis008

With the addition of Kiwanis Spray Park, Mount Vernon’s new slogan, “Get a great life!” can finally be realized. Opened in July, 2010, Kiwanis has proven to be a great place for families to come spend a day trying to beat the heat. A park, large picnic area and plenty of Water Odyssey™ toys to entertain make Kiwanis Spray Park a great sight to see in Northwest Washington! Water Odyssey worked closely with Eccos Design to bring about their vision for Kiwanis Club. The Cattail Group is one example of this successful collaboration where Eccos Design provided the concept and Water Odyssey brought it to life.

Niceville Children’s Park IMG 3916

The Children’s Park located in Niceville, Florida has been a popular destination for locals trying to escape the hot days and warm nights. This splash park was opened in 2006 and has seen growing crowds every summer since.

Port Neches, TX img4476

In 2006 Port Neches was ravaged by Hurricane Rita leaving parts of the community in shambles, one casualty being a community pool. City officials made the decision to go with a more cost-effective alternative to the former swimming pool and install a Splash Park. The goal for city officials was to increase the quality of life for the citizens of Port Neches and revitalize the Port Neches community. The 4500 square foot Port Neches Splash Park is the largest of its kind between Houston and New Orleans with more than 30 spray features, and continues to draw crowds from the community to this day.

Promenade Park, UK maldon5

Promenade Park in the Maldon District of the United Kingdom added a splash park in 2006 and has been an extremely popular local and tourist destination ever since.

Rayola Park Fill N Spill - Dumping Buckets

Located in Owasso, Oklahoma, this 19 acre park features a fun splash park that has been attracting local and traveling families since spring of 2010.

Rio Vista Park _mg_3845

Rio Vista is the practical testing ground for Fun Forms™. This is where we get to see first hand how children from toddlers to teens interact with Fun Forms™ Aquatic Play Components. Children quickly define the success of the components based on how they gravitate towards them and how long they interact with them. Fun Forms™ are a definite proven success for aquatic play!

Salina’s Kenwood Cove salina2

Kenwood Cove Aquatic Center in Salina, Kansas offers aquatic fun for kids of all ages. Fun Forms™ toys in the Soggy Bottom Kiddie Area and along the Lil’ Smoky Lazy River have added a whole new dimension to the already popular water park. Families make the drive from all over Kansas to experience this one of a kind park.

South Temple Family Aquatic Center amg4304

Here is an example of how Fun Forms™ was able to bring this railroad themed aquatic center to life.

Springlake Park newton5

Located in Newton, Kansas, Water Odyssey™ has provided the perfect alternative to the traditional municipal pool. Many different toys allow for kids of all ages come and enjoy this brand new splash park.

Trophy Club Aquatic Center mg3986

Trophy Club (located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area) has been a huge success to the surrounding community. The new addition brought new life to the existing facility and drastically increased attendance. Fun Forms is a big hit to kids of all ages, bringing families together through themed aquatic play.

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